Gwen C. Edwards: The Spirit for Innovation & the Discipline for Sustainable Growth

headshotjordanGwen C. Edwards has been both CEO & Investor and understands both sides of the table. She understands the dynamics & performance pressures that companies face. She has a 360 view on Governance & has served on a number of boards both not for profit & for profit.

She is an executive advisor, innovator, creative thinker, with a passion for monetizing bright ideas. Her career is a demonstration of creative talents embodied with the leadership (and discipline) to lead teams to stellar results. She not only advises aspiring businesses, but provides operational oversight as appropriate, and in other businesses like trading.

From Stanford Research Institute where she first engaged in the early days of “telecommunications science”, Gwen’s career has spanned product development, market strategy, sales, and business unit development in the “technology” sector.

Because Gwen has led billion dollar growth curves, as well as managed the “struggles” of early stage ventures, she can bridge between the innovative and the operational, the “start up” and the “scaled”.

Growth Strategies:

Revenue can be achieved in many different ways, at many different price points. Chasing revenue can take you down many different paths, not all fruitful. So designing a strategic growth plan with a clear achievable execution plan is at the core of any successful business.

Capital Advice:

Gwen understands the capital raising process -from angel to institutional -debt and equity. She can independently advise you through the process.

Execution Experience:

Gwen is a results focused advisor, who not only builds the strategy but provides operational oversight. She can participate in the execution, link compensation to the success she promises, and provide as much or as little post strategy delivery as is appropriate for the particular circumstances.