Corporate Executives

Gwen C. Edwards: Auditing; Assessing Risks & Pain Points

rsz_gwen (1)Are you looking for new ways to drive top line growth? Seeking new markets for your current product line? Or perhaps, ways to expand revenue in current markets with product innovations? Want to test the market, invoke the insight of key potential customers, develop and refine your strategy? Need to refine your value proposition for investors, employees, shareholders? Need to now delve deeply into sales effectiveness to ensure success? Need a “blue print” to take your company to a billion dollars? Or start a new division to do the same?

Gwen develops revenue growth strategies for companies of all sizes. More than top line sales campaigns, Gwen’s growth strategies are driven by the voice of the customer, as the customers perceive their competitive choices. The execution strategies are then designed with involvement across the executive suite, systemically embedding customer driven requirements into the delivery process, so that the exponential growth curve can not only be achieved but sustained.

Gwen realizes without a doubt that there are hidden gems within your organization: unarticulated ideas within individuals, key projects that have not surfaced, or R&D initiatives just waiting to be commercialized. She’s lived in R&D environments, and experienced the thrill of the ultimate scorecard -bringing the new products or services to life, with revenue results as the ultimate proof of commercial viability.

Lastly, Gwen looks for ways to improve margins along the way. When she sees opportunities to deliver top line growth, with improved margins, she acts quickly with those recommendations. Gwen can use global resources to augment local physical presence for customers; then can recommend approaches and vendors as appropriate when you’re ready to expand.